XWiki To DokuWiki Convertor Plugin

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cogConverts pages in XWiki Syntax 1.0 to DokuWiki syntax
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LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License 2.1


This extension is not maintained anymore. It's recommended to use DokuWiki Filter instead.

How to use it

Visit imported page called Plugin.DokuWikiConversion. There is simple form with 2 text fields. Simply type space of the page you want to convert, page name and submit the form. If you have "view" rights for the converted page, conversion will begin and all output files will be attached to the Plugin.DokuWikiConversion page.

Let's say you want to convert page Main.Example. There could be up to 3 attached files:

  • file called Main.Example_DokuWiki.txt - contains the converted page
  • file called Main.Example_DokuWiki_errors.txt - contains a list of errors that occurred during the conversion
  • file called Main.Example_DokuWiki.zip - contains all images from the converted page. All images (internal from XWiki or external from the Internet are added)

This plugin converts only the "static" part of the XWiki document. Parts that are written in Velocity Template Language or Groovy are not converted and they are not included in the Main.Example_DokuWiki.txt.

All image names are changed by the conversion. This is because I wanted to avoid a situation where 2 images have the same name (for example one is attached to the page and the other one is from an external URL). However image names are changed also in Main.Example_DokuWiki.txt, so there is no problems with this.

If there is one image that occurs several times in the page, then the image is inserted only once into the zip archive because of hash control.



Prerequisites & Installation Instructions

For this plugin replace:

  • <plugin package> by om.xpn.xwiki.plugin.toDokuWiki.DokuWikiKonvertor

Last, import all XWiki pages from the xar archive to your XWiki

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