Style Macro (Radeox)

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2016/06/05 22:11

Styles a block of content.

Internally it generates an HTML DIV or SPAN and supports many properties of these 2 elements.

The style macro be a superset of the existing info, warning, error and floatingbox macros. We need use some class match with those macros



Parameters definition

Supported properties (note that all of them are properties that exist for DIVs and SPANs):

  • id : id of span of div tag
  • class (some classes: warningmessage,errormessage, infomessage, plainmessage, floatinginfobox,... matching with warning, error, info ... macros)
  • name
  • align : allow align a paragraph to left, center, right, full
  • font-size
  • font-family
  • color
  • background-color
  • width
  • height
  • float
  • border
  • icon and document

 ({style...|icon=msgwarning.jpg|document=Main.Mypage} if the document parameter is specified then it find msgwaring.jpg in attachments of Main.Mypage or current page or in icons directory , If it isn't found then it display image empty for icon


This is the content in div block

Will generate the following when rendered:

<div style="color:red;width:50%;height=50%">
  This is the content in div block


{style:type=div|border=1px solid red|background-color=green|width=300px|height=300px|color=red|
This is the content of style macro


This is the content in div block



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